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For Pride Month we’re excited to launch Pride Roast!

Our company mission is, "To live and connect, joyfully." Pride reminds us how values like integrity and open-mindedness can spread joy. We take inspiration from the LGBTQAI communities around the world that offer permission to everyone to claim their human right to be their truest self, and to do it with unrelenting joy. Our Pride Roast is a tribute to the immeasurable good that blossoms when people are encouraged to be their truest selves.

$.50 from every can sold will be donated to the Human Rights Campaign. HRC is the largest LGBTQ civil rights advocacy group in the United States. We believe it is an excellent organization, actively working toward the goals and values that make the world a better place.

Coffee profile

Net weight:
10oz, whole bean 

Regions: Cajamarca, Peru & Matagalpa, Nicaragua, & Aceh, Sumatra, Indonesia

Elevations: 975 – 1800m

Cultivars: Typica, Caturra, Pache, Bourbon, & Catimor

Processing: Semi-washed, washed & sun-dried

Roast Level:  Medium-dark

Tasting Notes: Dark, nutty, & balanced

Certifications: Organic, Fair Trade

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