A family-owned and operated business, Straus is dedicated to making the highest quality and minimally processed organic dairy products. Their dairy and creamery is located just west of us in the small town of Marshall, CA. Straus was the first certified organic dairy west of the Mississippi River and the first 100% certified organic creamery in the United States. In 2008, we collaborated with Straus to create Barista Milk- a creamy, rich partially homogenized milk coveted by coffee professionals everywhere.



 Silk Road Teas has been procuring single-source, handmade specialty teas in China since 1992. Through longstanding supplier relationships, Silk Roads has access to some of China's finest and most unusual teas, offering customers a complete line of full-leaf varieties in white, green, oolong, black and Pu-erh teas. Based in San Rafael, owners Catherine and Ned travel extensively in tea-rich Southeastern China to source rare specialty leaves that delight any palate.



 Cookie Take A Bite is paving a brave new path providing gourmet cookies with a hint of nostalgia & a dash of modern inspiration. Their cookies are small, flavorful & are the perfect size to satisfy anyone's sweet tooth. CTAB’s quality products cater to adult sensibilities & a kid's sense of whimsy alike!



The zazu kitchen is inspired by a real sense of place. We are authentically Farm to Table, growing much of our produce with the caring attention of our farmer Milo Mitchel. We are as local as local gets and of the season to the moment. Menus are put together after a hunt through the gardens to see what is ripe and ready. Our style is simple and ingredient driven. We like to get the best ingredients and then not mess them up, but let them shine for what they are. Best ingredients are ones that are just picked, some never refrigerated.


We are a sustainably driven kombucha company that brews, ferments and bottles our deliciously refreshing kombucha in Sonoma County! Our mission...to always be working towards a more sustainable future. Our goal...is to lovingly create drinks that make your body feel good and that your mind and soul can feel good about buying.