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Year Round Drinking

The art of coffee blending begins with the idea that the sum is greater than the parts, that even the finest of coffees can become something extraordinary when brought into harmony with other great coffees from various growing regions. Taylor Maid blends organic coffees that are uniquely suited to complement one another, combining flavors to create our popular Premium Blends.


As unfailing as the local landmark for which it is named, this dark roast blend is an all-weather caffeine delivery system. Solid, sweet, deep and full-bodied, it has a reputation for fueling the physical, mental and creative adventures of countless courageous coffee drinkers.

This rooster will ensure a sweet, reliable wake-up call and help to clear those drowsy morning cobwebs. A blend of some of our favorite Central American coffees, the Red Rooster is bold, robust and assertive with a sweet, smooth finish and a hint of dark chocolate. A favorite of the Taylor Maid morning roasting crew.

This seasonal favorite is back. A blend of Ethiopia and Brazil, this coffee is formulated to compliment all your summertime adventures.  It has notes of bittersweet chocolate and cherries with a delicate sweetness throughout. Great hot or iced.

Rise and ShineRISE & SHINE BLEND
Another one of our popular blends, designed for those who respond more to the gentle nudge than the trumpet call in the early hours of the day. A blend of coffees from Central America and Indonesia, it has a rich, floral taste with a hint of spice in the finish. A true morning glory.

This is our humble offering to the gods of coffee and food and a tribute to the wine country we call home. A complement to any meal, especially those that end in chocolate. With hints of hazelnut, roasted chestnut and caramel, a cup of Sonoma Roast will make a believer out of you, no matter what your previous coffee convictions may have been. Also a wonderful espresso!

Reinvented and recharged! This is Taylor Maid Farms' first post-blended espresso, which means we roast each component on it's own then blend it to deliver the characteristics of each coffee. This blend of Central and South American coffees from Brazil, Guatemala and Honduras deliver a balance of juicy fruit, creamy texture and a nutty chocolate finish. Awesome on its' own; sweet when adding milk.

Espresso series dESPRESSO -series d-
Espresso Series D is the perfect decaf for fans of this style of espresso, and to everyone who desires a richer, bolder experience in coffee. This espresso coffee offers a cup that is sweet, rich and bold with hints of caramel and toasted hazelnut. Decaffeinated using water processing to ensure purity.

Roasted and blended for those who enjoy the full, rich flavor of organic coffees without the caffeine. As either a brewed coffee or a decaf espresso, this versatile blend is full-bodied, sweet and spicy with a smooth lingering finish. Decaffeinated using water processing to ensure purity, Farm House Decaf is unlike any decaf you've tasted before.