Our story is rooted in a love of organic farming. In 1991, founders Chris and Terry Martin bought 100 acres on Taylor Lane in Occidental, CA to raise their family and explore entrepreneurial farming opportunities. Realizing their daughters resembled maidens as they harvested herbs from the field, Chris and Terri named the property Taylor Maid Farm. In 1993 a friend encouraged Chris to start roasting organic coffee in an old barn on the farm. With that, Taylor Maid Farms Organic Coffee was born.

At first, the small number of organic coffee farms around the world limited the product line to only 4 coffees. Over the years, we partnered with more and more farmers as they worked toward certification, and our offerings have expanded ever since.

Today, Taylor Maid is a dynamic company that remains young at heart. Our small team of coffee enthusiasts is obsessed not only with crafting the perfect coffee, but with building community and integrating sustainability into everything we do.