Giving Thanks: A message from Taylor Maid CEO Rob Daly


To our dear customers, families and friends of Taylor Maid.

I feel it’s important to stop a moment and thank you for all the support you’ve given us this year. I have been a part of this amazing company for about 18 years, and have witnessed it shift and morph many times. Yet what has held true for the company, and for me, is staying focused on our environmental impact, and always connecting with our community. We haven’t always been perfect, but we’ve worked hard to stay on that path, and to do our best.

This Thanksgiving, I am holding my friends and family closer than ever. I am sending warm wishes to my team at Taylor Maid that work so hard to care for our coffee and provide our customers and fans a connection to moments of joy through our products and hospitality. I am also sending gratitude for those on the front lines of the Dakota Pipeline. Being stewards of our environment and in the coffee industry, we see first-hand what water and indigenous communities mean to an area. This pipeline clearly endangers both. My team and I will be sending best wishes and coffee, as well as supporting members of our own backyard who are traveling to the site.

I’m not asking for your appreciation, or make these statements to create controversy or glean support. All I ask is that if you are inclined to learn more, do. If you are inclined to share the message, do. If you have an idea for myself and Taylor Maid as to what you’d like to see us do, provide.

Our communities, our friends and our families are important to the infrastructure of our society. Hold them close. Support and love them. Enjoy and always fight to connect to moments of joy.

Thank you & happy Thanksgiving,

Rob Daly


CEO || Taylor Maid


  • Rob, genuine gratitude in your statement.
    I’m an old customer that moved to PNW, and I miss the red rooster! everything up here, except starbucks, is meduim roast.

    Posted by Chuck Scarpelli on June 08, 2017

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