What’s in a cup of coffee?  Book a private tour to discover the elements behind producing your favorite caffeinated drink. We’ll walk you through coffee’s journey that begins on organic family farms around the equator and ends at our certified organic roasting facility in Sebastopol, CA. Take a sensory adventure as you observe (and smell!) coffee as it is being roasted, then partake in a cupping-the specialty coffee industry’s method of tasting and evaluating coffee. Walk away with a bag of freshly roasted coffee. Brew at home, share with a friend, repeat.


  • •  Tours are 3 hours long & reservations must be made 3 weeks in advance
  • •  Cost is $15 per person, group size must be between 5-15 people
  • •  Payment is due upon reservation
Email tours@taylormaidfarms.com for more information.