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Organic Green Coffee: Burka Gudina Estate, Ethiopia


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Farm: 80 years ago, Ibrahim Hussein’s grandfather decided to walk from Wollo (NE Ethiopia) to Limu to start a coffee farm. He passed the farm on to his son who continued his work until the Mengistu regime took the Ethiopian government and confiscated every coffee farm in Ethiopia. Under the new Ethiopian Democratic Republic government, Ibrahim acquired land in the Limu Genet region, continuing the legacy near his family’s home. At 250 hectares of farmland, 150 of which are used for coffee production, Burka Gudina (“Where Blessings Grow”) is home to 3,332 coffee trees. Science and tradition combine at Burka Gudina, led by focused agronomy and a keen awareness of the land. Specific heirloom varietals have been selected that thrive best at the farm’s 1800-1950masl and respond nicely to the quality of growing conditions, soil, and climate of Burka Gudina. Ibrahim remains committed to his 120 employees, 40 of whom work on the farm year-round. By compensating well, he’s managed to build a strong group committed to excellence that are able to continue to support their families and live well.

Cupping Notes: Sweet, juicy coffee with notes of raspberry and lime. Crisp, clean finish with a touch of jasmine.

Country: Ethiopia

Region: Limu

Elevation: 1800 - 1950 masl

Producer: Ibrahim Hussein

Cultivars: Ethiopia heirloom 

Harvest: September - December

Process: Dried on raised beds

Certifications: Organic

Roast Level: Medium

Availability: Summer

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